No option to submit the programming assignment in Week1

Hi Team,

There is no option to submit the assignment in DLS Course 4 Week .

I have already tried:

  1. Restarting the kernel
  2. Renaming and getting the fresh copy
  3. Logging in again after few hours
  4. Refreshing the notebook
  5. Connected with Coursera support, they suggested to connect with DLS team.

Kindly help.


I just checked both assignments in Course 4 Week 1(A1-Step-by-step and A2-Convolutional Model Application).

Both assignment notebooks displayed the “Submit Assignment” button.

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You may also need to try refreshing your browser, clearing your browser cache and cookies, or restarting your browser.

What browser are you using?

Hi TMosh,

I’m using Microsoft Edge browser, will check with other browser too.
Meanwhile, I have attached the screenshot of the issue.


I’m using Chrome.
I have no experience with anyone using Edge.

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Chrome and Firefox are both known to work.

Thanks, Tom and Paul.
It is working fine in Chrome :slight_smile: