Not able to start kernel with aws ml.m5.2 large

Getting AccessdeniedException

Are you following the guidance on choosing the right compute as suggested on the Lab Script?


Yes ml.m5.2 large is mentioned in lab.

If I use default kernel Getting below error

Hmm there are so many reported problems with these Labs, can you try sometime latter again!

Thank you DeepLearning and AWS team. This course and teaching is implacable and really appreciate.

I am also facing the issue with Lab 3.

It works with ml.t3.medium.


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Hi Timarkanta. From the screenshot, it looks like you selected ml.c5.large . Kindly retry and check that you selected the one exactly as advised in the instructions. Thanks.

Hi Pranav. It looks like you selected a different instance type. Please check the screenshot in the lab instructions and select the one specified there. Thanks.

Hi Chris,

I tried multiple times restart session and select ml.m5.large instance, but receive the following. Thanks

Hi Pranav. I think the screenshot in the instructions indicate ml.m5.2xlarge and not ml.m5.large.

Hi Chris,

Please help, I am the end of completing this lab, but facing issues noted in the screen shots. Thanks

Hi Pranav. Hmmm… I haven’t seen that error before. Right now, I’m guessing the pip installs didn’t complete as intended. Please redo the lab with the right kernel type (as shown in your screenshot), then run the pip install section. After that finishes, make sure you restart the kernel. There should be a cell in the notebook to do that. After that, all the modules should be found. If the error persists, just let me know. Thanks!

It may be that the lab opened has the wrong environment variable attached to it

So even if you choose the correct variable it is not getting applied to the lab

This is the issue I am having