Not enough Labs in Course 2, Week 3

I’ve been taking all of Andrew’s ML courses in this specialization, and compared to the previous 5 weeks, it seems like the Optional Labs taper off.

There are no labs on transfer learning or on skewed data / prediction-recall. Do you know if they could either be added or what could I use for that?

I’m asking because recently I’ve been trying to use TL and only got it with too many parameters, so no TL labs stood out more than it would usually.

Something else would be prediction-recall for more than 2 options. Does anyone know where I could practice and compare that too?

Hi @ZoltanTM
For transfer learning there are some resources to that like resource1, and resource2, Also in the DeepLearning specialization there are practical labs covering a topic transfer learning
For precision-recall this resource cover that
for the last question this image show you how the confusion matrix could be if we have 3 class and how we measure the precision-recall

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You can refer TensorFlow Advanced specialisation where you will find labs on transfer learning under course 3: Advanced Computer Vision with TensorFlow of week 1.


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