Not enough memory error:week-2-practice-lab-linear-regression

I see “not enough memory error” when loading the week-2-practice-lab-linear-regression lab. tried on multiple browsers and multiple machines and its the same. even restarted the machine. I see this from this afternoon, it was working fine in the morning.

Since the notebook is designed to run on Coursera Labs (not on your local computer), I don’t think it has anything to do with your computer’s memory or browser.

Am I correct that you’re using Coursera Labs? Or are you using a local installation?

Maybe this: Did you add a lot of extra “print()” statement output to your notebook for debugging?

Yes, its Coursera labs, not local installation. the issue is the assignment page is not even loading(it starts loading the page and then crashes before fully loading the page) .its crashes before running the cell.

That’s very odd, I have not heard of that issue before in this course.

Let’s wait and see if another mentor has a suggestion.