Office Hour for Deep Learning Specialization learners

Hey learners, we will be hosting office hours for you when our mentors will be there to answer any questions you might have for courses and assignments.

Our first office hour session will be with @paulinpaloalto Paul Mielke on July 28th from 10am to 10:40am PT. This is for anyone who’s currently taking Deep Learning Specialization Course 1 and Course 2.

If you’d like to participate, sign up here and we will send you instructions to join.

Hope to see you there!

From Paul:

My name is Paul Mielke and I’ve been mentoring several of Professor Ng’s courses for a few years now. My background is in math and software engineering and I spent my career in Silicon Valley doing software engineering and engineering management for projects mostly in the areas of operating systems and applications of cryptography. I first got interested in Machine Learning when I took Prof Ng’s original Stanford Machine Learning course on Coursera back in 2015. It was totally exciting to see what can be done with the intersection of math and computer science. Once Prof Ng published the Deep Learning Series in 2017, I’ve been spending most of my Coursera mentoring efforts on the new DLS courses. It is fun to see how fast the field is changing and all the amazing things that Prof Ng does such a great job of explaining to us!

I look forward to seeing what additional questions people have in the office hour! See you on the Discourse forums!


I tried to sign up the first mentor session, but I didn’t receive any instruction on how to access it

Could you please post the instructions to join this office hours session? I filled out your form but never received any instructions. I woke up early and moved other commitments to be able to attend this, and now I have no way to join. This is really maddening.

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I just dug it out that Paul is currently on Office Hour with Paul Mielke for Deep Learning Specialization learners - YouTube. But it’s the end now


Thank you, I just joined.

Hello, I was trying to connect in the session but I didn’t receive the instructions to join. I lose this session I hope I can join the next. Thanks


Hello everyone!

We´re sorry you didn´t receive the instructions to participate in the live event. We sent two confirmation emails during the registration period, and one reminder email an hour before the event started. Please double-check on your spam inbox as the emails might have accidentally landed in there.

If you´ll like to watch how the event went, click HERE.

Additionally, Paul Mielke also added some extra answers to other questions he wasn´t able to answer live. If you´ll like to read his answers please click HERE or go to the Office Hour category in Deep Learning Specialization.