Optional Lab: Logistic Regression: TypeError: 'str' object is not callable

Hello Fellow Community Members,

While running the mentioned lab codes on my local machine, I am getting the TypeError (screenshot attached below)

My best guess is being asked to update matplotlib definition, which I presume can be done by upgrading the jupyter lab/python version. The problem with that is if I do so, the previous labs won’t function (as the codes require old versions). BUT THAT’S JUST MY OBSERVATION!

Please feel free to provide the resolution on the same at the earliest!

Thanking You,

jupyter notebook version

python version

Hello DG,

My suggestion would be for you to ask in other places such as stackexchange or google around because there is no technical support here for learner’s own setup of python environment. However, the thread is left open in case someone has any ideas.


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Thanks @rmwkwok , noted!