OrderBot - Chat button goes on spinning loop

When I click on Chat! button the system goes to infinite spinning loop.
Any thoughts how to fix it?

Hi MarinaB23,

I would try to refresh the page and run the cells again.

Edit: If that doesn’t work you can also have a look at this suggestion.

That notebook does the same thing for me. If you just run it as a standalone panel it works. Digging into it further, the problem is caused by interactive panel widgets (eg if you run some of the more basic examples from panel’s website in a notebook they do the same thing) and the LLM is actually returning the response - the notebook just isn’t updating.

You can run the panel in standalone mode by using something like this at the cli panel serve nameOfNotebook.ipynb --show

Thank you so much @reinoudbosch for pointing me to @Huntse solution. It worked in standalone panel. I used this detailed description, and removed --reload.
Thank you for your help, both!