PDS C2_W3 Section 7.1 Error

Please see the thread from the coursera page for the PDS class. I am having the same difficulty/error. It seems like it has not been addressed by the instructors on this forum or on Coursera.

Please address as there are numerous students who are coming across this issue.

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Here is a screenshot

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I have the same issue!
Any solution?

The “WARNING” label is a bit misleading. If your cells before these two particular highlighted ones, and the cells after run smoothly, the script itself will complete, and you should pass the exercise!


I have moved this post to the PDS Course 2 category as other learners taking the same course might benefit from this.

Make sure if you have any course-specific doubts, explore the specialization category and post in the relevant course subcategory as course-specific mentors are actively answering the queries there and the threads in the general discussion might not come on their radar and remain unanswered at times.

for me, this is an ERROR, too, not a warning. Just take a look at the printscreen. And this error causes the rest of following cells to crash. This cannot be ignored, and it seems people here are not getting to give a solution.

@REINALDO_LEPSCH_NETO Could you make a separate thread for your issue with screenshots or even better, upload your notebook ?

after that I just tried to start it all over again and this time they were really warning messages, not errors. I’m close to the end of the notebook right now, any new error i will open a new thread here. Thank you.

Hi Guys,

I am getting the same error on section 7.1.
Can someone look into it please?

No other cell can run without errors if this section is not fixed.

Help please.

I do face the same issue. any help on this please?

I found the issue in my code. the issue was in create_step. I will not explain the solution as it is part of the exercise. I hope this helps.