C2_W3 PDS Excercise 7.5 fails after 45 minutes


I can run the workbook up to 7.5 but the pipeline cannot complete after 45 minutes. It just fails and I see no reason why. Can someone please address why this isn’t working? I cannot pass the course until this cell runs. Thanks

DO you still face the problem? Would you like to share the code?

Hello, my code is attached
C2_W3_Assignment (2).ipynb (103.4 KB)

Hello Piotr,

I just tried running the workbook again and received an immediate failure. Am I doing one of the processing steps incorrectly?
C2_W3_Assignment (4).ipynb (102.2 KB)

for some reason i cannot download it. can you put it on github?


Thank you for the reply. I was able to get the model to succeed. I am wondering if it was an issue with timing out on my end. Thank you for the assistance.