Please help with course selection

Hello Samarth,

Adding to Nydias’ suggestions.

As I myself did first DLS course specialisation and during the second course of DLS where Andrew mentions to do TensorFlow course, thereby I continued doing both. If you are planning for any AI app model algorithm then surely doing DLS should be first choice but then what I felt personally when I did TensorFlow, I could understand some of the concept of DLS more properly, So after finishing the first course of DLS, simultaneously please do TensorFlow course as both course help one understand some concepts in the other specialisation. I would only suggest you to do this way if you have a dedicated time as it requires patience, concentration and time to understand what Andrew and Lawerence are both teaching are part of a whole model training.

Having completed all these specialisation

I would prefer doing this way

  1. DLS specialisation
  2. Machine learning specialisation
  3. Tensorflow Developer ( start doing after complete course 1 of DLS specialisation)
  4. TensorFlow Data based
  5. TensorFlow Advanced Technique