Popup Message: Need more time to finish your lab?

Getting below message while working with Assignments !!
So, what is it mean ?
I can save my work anytime, rite ?
Can I submit assignment after getting this message ?
For an Assignment there isn’t any time limit in hours (in term of session), rite ? (except the assignment submission date, i.e need to submit within X days)
I can take a break (if required) while doing assignment, rite ? (Its not like that time bound exam where we need to complete withing 1-3 hours and after times up we can not have more time)

Popup Message is,
Need more time to finish your lab?
If you need more time with your lab, extend your session. Any changes made after timeout will not be saved.
On this popup there is Expand button which will expand the session

Hi @kdsharmaai, yes you can save your work anytime you want. There’s a ‘save and checkpoint’ option in the ‘File’ tab or there’s a save icon too where you can keep saving your work from time to time.

Secondly, you need to save your work one more time just before submitting the assignment.

Thirdly, there is no such hard deadline for submitting your assignment. The pop-up you receive is just a reminder to get you on the track. There’s a reset button where you can reset the deadline anytime if you unable to catch up the flow.

Fourthly, you can always put a hold on to your assignment if you need a break. Just keep in mind to save your work. Otherwise, you will have to put the same effort again. But it is always good to get it done in one flow.

Note: It’s a good habit to read the assignment work before-hand by going through the entire notebook. More of your queries get cleared when you read the notebook carefully. It provides extra snippets and a brief understanding on what you suppose to work on. I have found this way of working very useful and relevant when I finished my assignments.


@Rashmi Thank you for reply, Its clear now