Possible error in learning material: Week 3, MLE: Linear Regression

Not sure if this was reported here already, but in the short quiz, it seems like the “correct” answer is the “wrong” answer. The answer should be model 2.

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Answer is correct. Model 1 has the maximum number of data points fitting in created model than compare to model 2.

Check there are almost 4 data point inside the line for model 1 + 2 data points almost on the line, compare to the 3 data point outside of the line in model 2.

Reading answer description in the image screenshot will explain why model 1 is the answer

Thanks for your response! Since this topic talks about linear regression, the best fit model is the one that has all datapoints close to the line. In the screenshot, model 1 only intersects with 2 points, while model 2 has most of its points close to the line. That makes me think Model 2 is the answer. Also, the screenshot has a confusing response “Correct” then the description says “Not quite.”

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Hello @lucas.coutinho, could you please take a look at this one? Model 1 was marked as correct but the explanation starts with Not quite. Also, Model 2 looks a better fit to me.

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Thanks for pointing this issue. You are correct, the correct answer is Model 2.

I will fix it and return to you guys as soon as it gets fixed.


The quiz is fixed.



Thanks, Lucas @lucas.coutinho!