Possible typo 0.9 instead of 0.99 for x1 romance

On the slide below it says x(3) is a matrix [0.9 0] but isn’t it supposed to be a matrix [0.99 0] since it refers to the column “x1(romance)” at row “Cute puppies of love”?

Professor says “0.99” but the slide only says “0.9”. Also, the value 4.95 that’s calculated at time 2:42 is based on 0.99 not 0.9 since 5 * 0.99 + 0 * 0 + 0 = 4.95.

Source: At time 2:24 in video “Using per-item features” of the Collaborative Filtering unit.


Thanks for reporting!
I’ll let the course creators know of the typo.

Hi @mosofsky and @SamReiswig

This typo was already reported in Typo at a coefficient in recommenders

I should have written the exact numbers in the title…