Practice quiz: Multiple linear regression

I have some issue with week 2 course 1 practice quiz question 1 ( Practice quiz: Multiple linear regression). it asks for value of x4 in training set, but there is no training set attached to the question. would you please help me on this matter ?

Hi there! I will add this post to the correct category where our Mentors can guide you.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else,

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Hi @Pouria_Baghaei,

i cannot share quiz question here but did you try refresh the quiz and see if the image can be loaded?


Hi Raymond,
Thanks for reaching out. The issue has been resolved. I refreshed it and closed it couple of times and the image popped up.


Oh, a couple of times… But glad that it finally shows up!


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bro i can’t pass this quiz, can you help me please!

Hello Youssef.

I am sure one of our mentors can guide you through this process. Could you please let us know where you are stuck?

I can’t pass this please help me any one thank you

Can you please help me sir thank you

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About linear regression

Hi @melanie_dedoroy !

What is your question?

Iabout linear it’s a assignment I can’t pass that’s my problem linear regression tnx u

About linear regression sir thank you

Please :pleading_face: help me thank you

Can you send me a direct message with some details about what you’re struggling with?

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i’m getting this error in weeek 2nd’s practical programming assignment. please help

Hi @Shantanu_Rao ,

Can you send me the code in a direct message and I’ll take a look.

2nd week’s programming assignment, when I’m running cell no. 2it’s throwing an error and I’m neither able to edit code, not your system accepting my assignment. What shall I do now?