Problem accessing DLS course 4 programming assignments

Hi, I’m on DLS course 4. I can access quizzes but not able to access programming assignments. When I go to ‘Work in Browser’, I get a new tab as usual, but then keep getting an error that says:

NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource

and a pop-up that says:


We were unable to retrieve a launch URL. Please make sure you are logged in to Coursera, and have access to this lab.

I am logged in to Coursera, and have access to this lab, so I do not know what the problem is. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Hi @narsen ,

It could be that the system experienced a hiccup. Try logging out and log back in again. If you could, use a different browser to logon to your Coursera account, it may help.

Hey @narsen,
Welcome to the community. Please do check this thread out. It describes the same issue that you are facing and gives some probable reasons as to why you might be facing this issue. I hope this helps.