None of the Lab is opening in week 1 of MLS Course 2. please help


If you see this error:

Quoted from mentor @Kic (source)

  1. You were enrolled onto the course under the 7 days free trial option and it is now expired. If this is the case, you need to enrol to the full pay option to gain access to the assignments.
  2. The system experienced a hiccup. If you logout and logon again, it would normally solve the problem. You may also like to try a different browser to see if it helps.

Note that besides a different browser, you may also use your browser’s incognito mode to login, and see if it makes a difference.

Quoted from Coursera’s Help Center (source)

You’ll only be able to access your Coursera Lab assignments and Jupyter Notebooks if you have a paid Coursera membership. If your subscription ends, you’ll be put into audit mode and won’t be able to access them

If you think you have an active subscription, but unable to access any Coursera Lab assignments and Jupyter Notebooks, please contact Coursera ASAP. This page talks about how to contact Coursera with Chat or by a contact form.

A learner shared that the error is gone when the assignment was opened on another computer. (source)