Problem submitting week 3 programming assignment

Good day. I’m having trouble submitting the week 3 programming assignment. This may be due to the fact that I managed to complete the course during the promotional period: seven days for free? What to do in such a situation

Hello @plohih_love,

If the trouble is that your submitted assignment does not get graded and does not show up in the submission record, then you may be just one of us who are having the same issue.


Thank you for your reply. I’ll be waiting for information

I have some questions. Students having trouble sending from one region? How to check the submission record?

I am also facing the similar problem. After submission the grader doesn’t work and assignment is not shown in “My Submission”. @Raymond_Ng

you also have a promotional offer 7 days for free

Thanks @Bichitra_Panda for reporting. Let’s hope the problem be solved soon, and we can follow this topic for updates

@plohih_love, I have no information about the affected region(s), but your submission record for an assignment can be found in the “My submissions” Tab.


Thanks to. I got it all!!!

Great job completing the last assignment of the first course!

I am new here for Machine Learning. I am done with week one and my assignment is due in 3 days, but I don’t even know how to locate it. I have searched all through to no avail, could you, please direct me on how to locate them? I have even followed the normal procedure of laying complaints, all no avail.

Hi @swanta2002 , there is no programming assignment in week 1, there are quizzes which are graded, and optional labs which are not graded. Have you completed the quizzes?
You can find them in sequence with lectures.

as @ritik5 said, there’s no assignment for course 1 week 1. however, how did you get an impression that you have assignment that dues in 3 days? Maybe it’s a message? It’d be best if you can share a screenshot of the message and where you see the message?