Cannot submit assignment C1_W3_Logistic_Regression

FYI, there seems to be a technical error with submitting online Jupyter Notebook assignments per my discussions with Coursera helpline.

I meet the same problem with C1_W3_Logistic_Regression too.

Hi @aaykaay @Xavis, other learners are also facing same problem, we have notified the course team. I think this will be solved soon.

Hi there, I do have the same problem here.


Thank you for your report. This problem seems affecting many learners and we have notified the course team about it.

same here, inform us whenever this issue is solved pls.

Hello @goshey, we will update this topic when we have some news.

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Appears I’m facing the same issue and started a new topic ( below ). Has there been an update with this issue? Thank you

Hello @Jesse_B,

This thread is about a platform-wide problem that had been resolved some time ago.

I think we can continue back in this post?