Problem with grading assignement - no other output

Hello. I have earned 80/100 points in week 1 assignement and for two failing tasks - Sampling decode and MBR decode - I see no other message than “There was a problem grading your submission. Check stderr for more details.” But I do not see the stderr anywhere and all the units tests are passing. For mbr decode all the provided examples take an enormous amount of time, so I am not able to debug this properly, but I still think my function is correct (and as I said, unit tests are passing)

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The two main reasons are either you are using global variables instead of function parameters or the usage of different spaces vs. tabs leading to a formatting error. I usually just new copy of the assignment and paste only the relevant parts and resubmit :frowning: This seems to be the only way around the formatting issue.

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Thank you Sengopal ,
My mistake :
for tokenize and detokenize methods I used global variables VOCAB_FILE, VOCAB_DIR instead of method parameters vocab_dir, vocab_file.

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I can attest that this can be a very difficult issue to resolve. one clue that this is the nature of the problem is that there is no other clue provided from the grader, though to be honest the grader is always parsimonious with providing clues.

I got 0 grades while submitting the week 1 assignment. All tests are passed but I receive 0 grades. please help me