Problem with submitting Programming Assignment: Transfer Learning with MobileNet in the Deep Learning Specialization

I have an error Permission denied: Transfer_learning_with_MobileNet_v1, then don’t rename the notebook file.

I have all successful test passes. But when submitting programming assignments, grades 0/100 and error ex-w2a2: Cell #6. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: AttributeError(“‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘add’”).

Your lab ID is hyxbgzpieqgy.

Please help me! Thanks!

Hi @quy_dau_nguyen

A number of learners are experiencing similar problem, and the staff team is working to on. Please follow the instruction on this workaround . Hopefully it would help. We will post an update as soon as the problem is resolved.

The mentors here have no access to your assignment. If you are required to forward your code, you will be advice on how to proceed.

In regards to the AttributeError, you need to check where this add is. It looks like your code is making a function call. If you are adding a layer, please check how the keras add layer works. Here is a link to the reference menu.

Hi Kic, programming assignment has still errors: Permission denied:

Hi @quy_dau_nguyen,

If the workaround @Kic mentioned did not work out, please share your information in this thread as required.