Programming Assignment: Logistic Regression wk1

I don’t understand what the assignment is all about. I’m confused on what to do

Hi @Babatunde_Afeniforo

I mean no disrespect but your question is vague. Can you answer these questions:

  • Are you new to programming?
  • Or are you just not familiar with Jupyter Notebooks (the environment of the Assignment)?
  • Or none of the above and you are just do not understand how to implement Logistic Regression?


We’re glad to try to help, but I agree with Arvydas: where are we supposed to start with a question that general? It’s not our job to repeat everything that was said in the lectures or to repeat all that is written in the notebook. My suggestion would be to take a walk to clear your head or maybe get something to eat. Then come back and just read through the whole notebook again from the start with “fresh eyes” until you get to something that you don’t understand. Then ask us a specific question about that issue. That gives us something concrete that we can respond to without recreating the whole course by typing here. But maybe you get lucky and things will start to make sense the second time you read the material in the notebook. It’s perfectly ok to read things more than once if they don’t make sense the first time around. That’s true of the lectures also and that’s one of the ways in which online learning is actually better than “in person”: you can always hit “Rewind” and watch something again if it goes by too fast the first time.

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This really helps, Thank you!

Hello Neamen,

That was good response to the post creator question of a single statement!!! which you could understand because or probably one might have felt the same way going through.

But the kind of response you are trying to state for mentors based on this post creator is a bit harsher as the post creator has only asked he doesn’t understand what he wants to do, to which mentors have asked followup questions about what he wants help related to.

Related to your response what you mentioned, every assignment at the beginning of course assignment mentions to write codes only between START AND END CODE HERE###

I myself was a learner at a time and most of the mentors were really helpful and understanding to even any silly questions asked.

So rather than pointing on the mentors who are doing a volunteer work without any expectations. They do not expect anything from learners but to select the right specialisation, course, week and assignment name and a brief explanation of their issue, and not merely just a statement!!! for which mentors have responded it as a vague question and yet replied so they could address the post creator’s issue.

The reason I am responding to your comment is you stated you are open to feedback.

So now when any learner is stuck at any place, if a mentor has responded to learners post with

means the leaner is not following code of conduct, so the mentor needs to respond or direct the post creator towards right way and most of the learners have never minded about such response as they understand posting codes is against community guidelines.

Secondly when a mentor is mentoring you to refer hints is only for assignments where hints are present and the learner who has posted the error or issue might get resolved by referring to the hint, could solve their issue. This gives learner to find their own issue with their codes and correctly their codes themselves, otherwise most of the mentors have replied if they have not understood even after giving sometimes direct hints. As mentors are here to guide you to solve your assignments and not give direct codes or solve your assignments. Learning is not only about understanding, but to be humble in the process no matter what is thrown at you.

Everyone has paid for their courses, your desire is not justified just because you have paid for the course but how much dedicated and kind you are in your response towards yourselves and others in the process of learning and teaching.

No one is testing you here, you are testing yourself here by taking course of your interest and taking help from community by following the guidelines. If you want direct answer to your solution then you will not learn when you will sit alone to do programming or coding.

Try to have gratitude than attitude especially towards people who are doing a volunteer job.


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Hello @Deepti_Prasad, Thank you for taking the time to provide long and gentle feedback. I appreciate it. I agree, I may have come across as harsh on the mentors and volunteers. As I mentioned in my earlier comment, I didn’t even realize that mentors are volunteers. That makes it even more important to be respectful of their time and effort. I will try to focus on expressing my gratitude rather than my frustration. On lighter note, still at it with gradientDescent, LOL, not giving up. Thanks again for your volunteer work.