Reset the assignment for Week1 (Logistic Regression)

I am taking the course (Natural Language Processing with Classification and Vector Spaces) in Coursera. During the first week, I didn’t pay attention to the instructions for the programming assignment (logistic regression) because it was my first time so I messed up all the code now I am reaching the end of this course but the first week still unsolved due to the mistake I made. I contacted the help centre in Coursera and they advised me to post this issue here. So could you please provide me with the original source code of the entire assignment ?

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you require a fresh copy of assignment?

Yes please

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please follow the below comment to get a fresh copy


Note that you don’t really need to delete all the files. You could just rename the notebook file itself (that has the extension “ipynb”). Then you could potentially copy/paste any of your previous work into the new fresh copy of the notebook that you get from the “Get Latest Version” procedure. But note that you must do one or the other: delete the notebook or rename it, because the “Get Latest Version” procedure will never overwrite any existing file to prevent destroying information.

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hi paul,

happy to hear from you!!

true Paul but there are instances where renaming also had still issue of getting the fresh copy, and I didn’t wanted to confuse the learner. so this was overall safe approach. thank you for adding your suggestion.

Hi, Deepti.

Can you reproduce such a case? If so, I think we should report it to the course staff as a bug. I have never encountered a case in which renaming the notebook is not sufficient to get a new copy of the notebook, at least in any of the courses that I’ve taken or mentored. I don’t know if the “short courses” use the same environment and I’ve never worked with any of the TensorFlow specializations, so maybe those work differently.

The case in which I completely agree that delete is better is for the other files besides the notebook, e.g. the accompanying python files like and so forth. Any time I am trying to refresh a notebook to get the latest version, I always delete all the other files just to make sure I get the latest version of the utility and test functions as well. But usually I want to save my version of the notebook. Of course the other recommended thing to do is to download and save a local copy of the notebook, so that you are protected against accidents on the server and can also save the notebook for after you finish the course.

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Thank you everyone. I clicked on File>>> then Revert to Checkpoint > Tuesday 3 October 2023 :slight_smile:


Thanks for confirming. I’ve never really tried using that “Revert to Checkpoint” method because you are at the mercy of when the last “Checkpoint” was taken, so the results are somewhat unpredictable. It’s great that it was useful in your situation.

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