Natural Language Processing with Classification and Vector Spaces WEEK3 ASSIGNEMENT

I’m done all exericices regarding assignement week3 and I passed all, but, When I submit the file 2 exercices did not work.

I probably modified some cells and for this it gives me the final errors. I not remember which and where i modified cell , Does anyone know if and how it is possible to restore the initial file to redo all the exercises from scratch with a new file?

Yeah either on the coursera environment should be a Lab refresh option or just search in google “coursera jupyter force refresh”. It will give you the required instructions :slight_smile:

Hi gent,
i tried to do this step

  1. Rename your existing Jupyter Notebook within the individual notebook view
  2. In the notebook view, add “?forceRefresh=true” to the end of your notebook URL
  3. Reload the screen

but did not work infact i find a previous version which however has the same problems and I have not found the original version which is the one that interests me to repeat the entire exercise

This is the only way I know to reset the notebook, maybe some other mentor knows a better way!

I think I overwrote the original version maybe that’s why the refresh doesn’t give me back the initial version. there should be somewhere the original version and give it to me to upload … I think :slight_smile:

Hi @Antonio_Padula,

I have added the original version of the assignment in your workspace.

When your assignment loads, click on FileOpen..., when the workspace lands you’ll see two assignment files in there:

  • previous_C1_W3_Assignment.ipynb, this is the old assignment version you were working on.
  • C1_W3_Assignment.ipynb, this is the original assignment version.

Two things to remember:

  1. Recently, the “Table of Contents” was added in the assignment, which is why you won’t see it in the previous version, but you’ll see it in the now original version. Other than the table of content, both of the assignments are still the same. There’s no other change.
  2. When you press the button to “Submit” the assignment for grading, the file with the name C1_W3_Assignment.ipynb will be submitted. So please make sure, from now onwards, you are working in that file.

Happy learning,