Programming Assignment: Trigger Word Detection


GRADED FUNCTION: create_training_example

def create_training_example(background, activates, negatives, Ty):

AssertionError: Spectrogram is wrong. Check the parameters passed to the insert_audio_clip function

I need some guidance on how to fix this error.

Please mention or choose the specified Specialisation, Course, week and mention assignment Name in the explanation part if you are have any course related query.

Also for your attention, any course related codes are not supposed to posted or shared on public post as it is against community guidelines. Kindly use edit pin and remove the codes part. You could always share a screenshot of your error, or your output with expected output.


You’re welcome! I’ve revised the coding portion. I’m quite new to this community, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Assignment name

Since every week of the course has multiple labs or assignments, it’s very helpful if you give the name of the assignment (or the file name of the notebook).

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