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    Here in the Generative AI project lifecycle which is shown below, it means there is no coding (e.g. Python) required? Is that right?

Hi there @Omid_Fatemi! From the labs you could see that right from the start you could benefit from using Python in the format of Jupyter notebooks or similar environments. You could use it for different purposes like quick testing models, deploying them on your own infrastructure, then on fine tuning with techniques such as PEFT/LorRA, also on RLHF and then definetely when you assemble an application with toolsets like Langchain.

So while you might not need it for light use cases where you could use some sevices that do the work for you, as soon as you get into an elaborated use case and need to build an app, you’d certainly benefit from Python as it is the go to language for AI at the moment.