Question about apps

Hi @all! I want know ideas for applications using the knowledge acquire in this ML course. Someone was able to development something?


Hi @Matheus_Brito,

You should apply your ML knowledge on Kaggle datasets. The course is over that doesn’t means that you have earned all of your skills in ML. If you don’t face real problems while solving problems then you can say you have understood concepts.

Also I couldn’t understand your second question please explain it properly.

For any further doubt, please reply. Any further guidance regarding using your Knowledge you can write here itself. And do try Kaggle.

Thank you.

Hi @Matheus_Brito

you can try one of this ideas to practice:

I hope this help you in your jorney

best regards

Hi @harshder03 thx for the answer. it’s exactly what I need. I need real world examples to try understand more and more the concepts in the course. The second question is about real world examples, that I can build on using what the course taught.


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@elirod Thx for the link, I will read


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