Quizzes white screen

Hello! When I try to open the test, I see only a white screen, nothing else. I also tried to open other quizzes from this course, and they also only display a white screen. I’ve tried refreshing the page, clearing cookies, and restarting my computer, but nothing has helped. I’m using the latest stable version of Google Chrome. I’ve also attached a video so you can see what it looks like.

Video: 2023-09-10 16-28-13.mp4 - Google Drive

Are you enrolled in the course via a paid subscription (or with financial aid)?

Through university access.

I recommend you contact the Coursera Help Center. There may be a problem with your account setup, or maybe a firewall blockade for your region.

This is nothing the mentors or DLAI can fix.

Hey @jekagolovko,

As @TMosh said you need to contact Coursera Help Center but i have a question.
Did you try to use another browser?

Thank you for helping) I have already contacted Coursera Help Center, let’s see what they will reply.) Yes, I tried another browser. I also tried to log into the account again, clear cookies, and so on. I saw the article “Recommended browsers and devices” in the Coursera Help Center, and I can say that I am using the recommended browser with the latest updates.

@jekagolovko Okay that’s good to hear hope they can fix that problem