Regarding Question 10 smile recognition

I wonder how old this course is? It is said that ML is not capable of recognise smiling faces. Is this still true? Actually same question counts for self driving cars. More and more it seems AI is capable of interpret human actions like hichhiking etc due to the exponential growth of data. Or is this still far from reality?

Hi @bbos , It is no longer true that machine learning is unable to recognise smiling faces in terms of facial expression recognition. The ability to identify and recognise facial emotions like smiles has actually undergone substantial breakthroughs in facial recognition technology. Large datasets of smiling faces can be used to train machine learning algorithms so they can recognize and categorize happy faces properly by learning the patterns and attributes associated with a smile.

Similarly, AI and ML technologies have made great strides in understanding human actions and behaviors in the context of self-driving cars. The activities of pedestrians, cyclists, and other drivers are all analyzed and deciphered by self-driving cars using a combination of sensors, cameras, and ML algorithms. As a result, the vehicle can make wise decisions and react to human activities like recognizing someone hailing a ride or crossing the street.

However, it’s important to note that while AI has made significant advancements in these areas, there are still challenges and limitations. The technology is constantly evolving, and there may be specific scenarios or edge cases where AI systems struggle to accurately interpret human actions. Ongoing research and development are focused on addressing these challenges and improving the capabilities of AI systems to understand and respond to human behavior.

Although AI has made great strides in these areas, it’s crucial to remember that there are still problems and restrictions. Since technology is always developing, there may be some niche situations or edge instances where AI systems still have difficulty correctly interpreting human behavior. Addressing these issues and enhancing the capacity of AI systems to recognize and react to human behavior are the main goals of ongoing research and development.

Lastly this course was launched around August 2021 so it’s almost 2 years old.

I hope this answers your query.

thanks so much for your answer. It shows what changes have been made in the last couple of months! although it is exiting, its also frightening in the sence that its going much faster than building a good ethical and legal framework and setting up the right institutions to prevent that this technologie is used in the wrong way or for wrong purposes. But maybe that will be addressed later in the course :slight_smile: