Reinforcement learning prerequisites

Hello, I am interested in reinforcement learning, what are the prerequisites that I should have before starting? Which courses should I take before learning RL, which projects should I train on, and which RL courses do you advise me to take as a beginner in the field?

Hi @kaki178925,

That’s great to hear that you’re interested in reinforcement learning!
If you have completed the first and second courses of the specialization, I recommend proceeding to the third course of the machine learning specialization. Week 3 of this course focuses on RL and is designed to be accessible to beginners.


Thank you, which courses should I take before going deeply into RL?

Hello @kaki178925,
Before going for RL first you must be aware of Supervised Learning Algorithm and Advanced algorithms for Machine Learning as concepts used in RL are extension of those concepts learnt here. For it you may take C1 and C2 of Machine Learning Specialisation it will be enough for you to start RL and dive into it more deeper
Happy Learning :blush:

I agree too. It is imperative to start with supervised learning and advanced learning algorithm first.

Thank you, do you advise me to finish the deep learning specialization as well before learning reinforcement learning?