Research Paper Idea

Hi Everyone
I am planning to upskill my data science journey by writing a research paper. I am exploring use cases and research ideas which create impact and enrich value for businesses. My interest would be in deep learning and the video analytics/sports analytics domain. Kindly guide me if you know of resources or ideas that can create an impact. If you have any ideas other than video analytics and think that they can help me to strengthen my data science portfolio please feel free to share.It would be of great help to me.


what is your research question? You should start with a strong research question and then you can determine, what research methods are suitable and what information you need. Perhaps first, you should structure the field with a systematic literature review in a specific domain like, for instance, business or information systems to know how you can expand or enrich the domain with your research.

With your loose statement that you have the idea for a scientific paper without knowing how you want to enrich the research field with it, nobody can support you in your project.

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