Resources for learning the Keras programming tools needed for CNN's


I’m busy with the Course

In the other courses I’ve taken through, we did programming assignments in several languages/packages, none of which I was very good at (Octave, Python - Numpy/Tensorflow). But there was enough explanation in the videos and documentation that I never needed to ask for help. But this course is different - it seems to require pre-existing knowledge of the Keras framework?

I got through happymodel by reading the documentation linked in the lab, but also by doing my own Internet searches because that documentation didn’t really explain enough to do what we needed to do. It was several hours of work for those few lines of code. Now I’ve reached the “convolutional_model” and I don’t even know where to start. I don’t want to spend hours searching the Internet for every function I write in this course.

Am I missing something? Are there some resources I don’t know about? Any tips for getting this stuff done more easily/quickly? (I saw someone suggesting taking the Keras course in parallel, and while this is an excellent suggestion, I have no interest in learning Keras for now - it’s just a tool that can get me through the assignments).


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I use Francois Chollet’s book “Deep Learning With Python” as the guide to Keras. Chollet created Keras.
If you purchase the early-access version of the second edition from the publisher, Manning, you get the complete ebook of the first edition included.
The Keras API is also described extensively on the Tensorflow web site. For example, here

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