Run copy of lab assignments in local jupyter lab--re_utils error

I downloaded lab files from Course 2 - Week 1- to run it locally on jupyter notebook. However, I get an error that says - " ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘reg_utils’".
Is there a way to get this modules so that I can play around with the code later after course completion when i would not have access to coursera labs.

You filed this in General Discussion, so I’m not sure whether you are talking about MLS or DLS, but there are instructions on the DLS FAQ Thread about how to download the files. Those should be general enough to work for MLS as well.

One other important point to make about running locally is that you also need to make sure you duplicate the versions of the various support packages. The MLS assignments are pretty new, so they will be closer to current for TF and all the various packages. But DLS was last updated in April of 2021 and things change crazy fast in the world of TF and python libraries and packages. You can’t just run the DLS assignments with the latest version of everything and expect it to work. There are also no official instructions for how to do that, but there are some helpful threads on Discourse like this one and this one.