Save Notes Option is not enabled in All Videos

Hi Everyone, Save notes option in Coursera is very helpful and useful one. But this option is not enabled in all video lectures of first week of MLOPs first course. Can the managers of the course look into this and enable this option for all videos? That would be so nice of you!

hi @Farhan4473 , and welcome on Discourse!

Thank you for your feedback! I will let the technical team know about this and update you on this topic. Could you provide us more detail on which video the Save notes option does not work for you?

Yes, I had same issue.

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hi @Jeet , welcome! I have checked on my side a few videos and could not repeat the issue, could you give me the video name you have the issue?

Hi Farhan,

Are you talking about notes download button as in the image below?

Or you are talking about Note Taking tool on the right?

Please let me know which video has the this observed issue and we should address it.

@sandeepsign I am talking about the Save Note button shown below tha video i.e. Note Taking tool on the right.

In the first week’s videos of course one, it is working for some videos and not working for others.
@tranvinhcuong Following are the videos for which this is not working for me:

Steps of an ML Project
Course Outline
Deployment patterns

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I see @Farhan4473 what you meant. This missing transcript issue and we are working on it. We had updated the videos in the last minutes before launch and it takes some time to generate the transcript again. Will let you know when it’s finished on this topic.

I can confirm the save note button is not always available. This seems to be related to whether video transcript is available. No transcript → No save note button. (which might make sense, but some of us would like to at least save the slides for later reference)

Example videos where save note button is not present (for me):

Compared to videos where the save note button is visible:

@tranvinhcuong can you please allow us to take the screenshot of the video screen with Save Note Button.
This will be useful, in case when we dont have the transcript, we can at least save the screenshot of slides. Right now I am doing manually using the snipping tool utility in windows. But that takes more time.

@chrisada and @Farhan4473 , I know it’s inconvenient for your learning without the save button. I will escalate to the staff, and get it fixed as soon as possible. I am not sure it is possible to just enable the Save Note button without the transcript yet, so please bear with me until I get response from the team.


@tranvinhcuong It’s not the end of the world! :slight_smile:


Thank you @tranvinhcuong

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hi @Farhan4473 and @chrisada , except for “Deployment patterns” video, the others have transcript now.

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@tranvinhcuong Thank you so much for all your help and support

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