Scaling versus Regularization

Hi guys, I’m finding a little difficult to grasp the difference between Scaling and Regularization. Both ideas sound similar to me in a way, I was wondering if someone could help me find a way to explain the differences between those concepts in an intuitive fashion, how do you get these things?

Hi @jabraham, please let us understand more about how you think about them. Maybe we can start from 3 questions:

  1. what similarity do you see between scaling and regularization, what makes you mix up the two concepts?

  2. what do you know about scaling?

  3. what do you know about regularization?

Your answer will be very helpful for us to find the way out.


Regularization is covered in Week 3. Things will be much clearer after you’ve completed Week 3.

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Indeed, @TMosh makes a very good point.

@jabraham, I also suggest you to complete course 1 first, and by that time if you still have the same question, then we might continue with my 3 questions.