Scann Installation issue on windows

The following error occured when attempting to install scann locally in command line using pip install scann.

ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement scann (from versions: none)
ERROR: No matching distribution found for scann

Please advise on how to install this python package in Windows. Thank you!


Probably, you can find a solution for Windows in this Issue from Scann’s repository:

According to it “The scann package does not support windows at this time”, but may be you can compile it from the sources. As far as I understood it requires the ancient Python versions.

PS. Unfortunately, exactly the same thing on OSX.

Hi @arrancarr,

Sometimes this error occurs because a particular package is not available for a particular python version.

Please make sure the python version you are using is the same as the one used in the course.


Please use docker to run a python interpreter inside a linux container. That way, you can run the assignments on any platform that docker is supported on.

@giovanni.lignarolo, @Mubsi It’d be nice to provide requirements.txt for all courses to make building an image easier.

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Thanks for the recommendation. I’l pass this along.

Totally agreed and the corresponding versions will save us in big time.