Seeking learning path in Gen AI

Hi , I have been in IT industry from last 12 years as traditional application developer, I would like to change my path to learn Gen AI.

Would like to know does it require ML/ DL to learn Gen AI or I can just focus on Gen AI only. I am not getting rock solid guidance to start my journey further, I sometime feels that i am trying to jump the boat directly to Gen AI without learning ML/DL. Does it really impact my path to Gen AI only.

How should i proceed further and build my career in Gen AI as well?

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you can’t go to Gen AI directly. First learn basic algorithms ML, then DL (which will give you a basic idea of optimization of existing algorithms). Then learn about LSTM, NLP, RNNs in DL. Only then you can proceed towards Gen AI.

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Thanks for your guidance

If you just want to use existing Gen AI tools, you can focus on that. You don’t need to know about ML or DL concepts.

If you want to improve on existing Gen AI tools, or understand why they work so you know what the pitfalls and strengths are, you need a Deep Learning background.


A carpenter doesn’t need to know how to make a hammer or a nail, just how to use them.


very true