What next after completing Gen AI with LLMs?

I started my Gen AI journey with course “Gen AI with LLM”. I am a principal developer in microsoft stack. I have build one pilot application using LLM for enterprise. I have basic knowledge of supervised machine learning , gradient descent and cost functions. Given my programming expereince in other languages, I can easily grasp python code and have basic understanding of python and libraries like pandas,matplot,langchain,transformers etc. I want to be an expert in developing Gen AI applications using LLM, so I have below questions:

  1. What level of machine learning knowledge, I should have to become expert in developing application for Gen AI use cases for an enterprise?
  2. What courses you should recommend me after completing Gen AI with LLM course to become expert in developing application for Gen AI use cases
  3. I have basic understanding of pytorch , tensor. what level of pytorch expertise, I should have to become expert in Gen AI based application development and what course/training you recommend.
    Thanks in advance.

Hi. Welcome to the community. I see that your background is pretty strong.

  1. I would suggest that on a more practical approach, knowing and understand Prof Andrew Ng ML and DL course is pretty sufficient. For me, I would try to do more hands on on personal side projects using existing datasets.Eg. Image segmentation , classification etc

  2. As for becoming an expert in LLM . I would say everyone have many to learn. Having knowledge on basic components like vectorDB, Langchain, open source or closed LLM is needed. Other I feel crucial is to fine-tune existimg LLM to own enterprise data etc. Also, one part that many neglect is the performance. Eg. The computing resource needed to train and inference etc.

  3. After completing the Gen Ai course, I start to read more book to go deeper into the fine-tuning and integration with vectorDB etc on some use-cases.

In short, once you are comfortable with PyTorch, many skills can be pick up with some effort as needed. Thanks

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Thanks for your input.