Sharable Certificate

Hi, i have completed this course it has sharable certificate or NOT please reply

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The short courses do not offer certificates.

hai, but coursera says this course offers a shareable certificate, is that a mistake?

Have you completed the labs and assignments? And for those to open you need to purchase the access on Coursera

Hi yes I completed them, but I still dont see a certificate, while other courses give you one straight after the completion

You need to reset your deadlines as some of your assignment are not graded yet . Then wait for them to be graded and you shall be awarded a certificate afterwards

I reset them yesterday, but still no cert. Ill keep waiting

Wait until you see a score in the graded assignment

I was graded but still no cert :slightly_frowning_face:

Hey @Mubsi isn’t there a certificate with this ? It does mention a certificate on the page .

Hi @aryan010204,

Short courses don’t have certificates. Could you point me to the page where certificate is mentioned ?


Check this out

Thanks @aryan010204. Let me have this checked.


Thank you @Mubsi
Do you have any updates?

Hi all,

The update is that the screenshot shared above is a template used by Coursera.

The short courses offer no certificates, at least not yet.

We have asked Coursera to remove its mention.