Sound Problems: high pitch buzz

Hi Deep Learning Specialization team!
I’ve been taking many classes from your DeepLearning.AI series, but this one in particular ( Improving Deep Neural Networks) has a constant high pitched buzz that’s been consistent throughout all videos (I’m already halfway on week 2). It may be a bit imperceptible to people with not so great hearing (not meaning to offend anyone, but as we grow older we lose our ability to hear higher pitched sounds). I’d recommend the team to pass a high pitch filter or ask an audio engineer to help with fixing this.

Thank you in advance, and keep up the great work!


I just watched a few random videos (at random times) of week 2 of this DLS course 2. But I didn’t notice any high pitch buzz. Can you please give me links of these videos with time frame where you notice the high pitch?


I believe you can run an equalizer on your computer to apply additional filtering.

Sure, happy to point to specific examples. But please note that it is actually happening across most videos (>80%).

Note: It may help you to notice it if you use headphones instead of using your laptop speakers.

Video examples

  1. Bias / Variance (second video of Week 1). High background pitch from the start of the video at t=0. Remains throughout all the video
  2. Learning Rate Decay (second to last video of Week 2). High pitch noise accentuated whenever Andrew talks

Example of a video that DOESN’T have the high pitch problem

  1. The Problem of Local Optima (last video of Week 2). You’ll see there’s no buzz here.

Hope this helps identifying the issue. Let me know if you need any more details.

Thank you for the details. I highly appreciate your time and efforts.

Using hands-free, I didn’t notice any high pitch. Just notice a small buzz barely for a few seconds. But maybe this problem is with headphones or with your headphones only. I don’t have headphones but if you have multiple, can you try another one and posted us?

Alternatively, as Tom mentioned, you can run an equalizer for filtering. Actually, I didn’t hear any learner complaining about this issue, and neither I can see this issue. Only you (I guess) faced this. So, frankly speaking, if we forward your suggestions to concerns, there will be no action as no mass is facing this issue.

But thanks a million for your time and suggestion. I highly appreciate your feedback. Please let us know if you have any additional feedback or concerns.


I re-checked the Bias / Variance video with a good-quality headset.

The audio certainly isn’t studio quality, but not bad for a guy with a lapel mic in an acoustically live office.

I didn’t hear any high-pitched buzz.

I also didn’t hear any high pitch buzz. Its audio quality is not as great as new MLS but its good to me.

First, thanks for being receptive to the feedback!

OK, now, I honestly think it is very likely that some of you have already lost the ability to listen to these high pitched sounds (maybe ask your kids to listen and see if they can). The buzz is quite mild, but it’s there! (I can definitely tolerate it and make out all the content, so all good on that front; it’s just a bit annoying).

Just for you to consider: I’ve tried using different headphones: wired ones, bluetooth ones, high end ones (expensive), low end ones, and even tried using different computers (a mac and a windows), all with the same result. So, unless it’s only me having weird ears, I do believe the buzz is there.

Now, if I’m the only one noticing it, maybe it’s not worth the hassle trying to fix it! As I said, the content is perfectly understandable as is.