High pitch noise in audio

I’ve noticed that there is a high pitch sound on videos in course 2 week 1.
For example on “Train / Dev / Test sets”, I can hear a very high pitch sound through out the lecture.

I initially thought it was an environmental sound in my surrounding but realised that it is coming from the lecture video after some tests and I suspect that the sound is in the video data itself. (Not due to my hardware setup).

You might already know this but just wanted to report it so that it can be improved for future students!


Hi, @bebaty01.

Thank you for taking the time to report the problem.

I listened to the Train/Dev/Test sets video on two different devices and I couldn’t hear the noise. But the problem could be my hearing :sweat_smile: Does it also happen in week 2?

Could someone else please confirm this?


I am facing the same problem in Course 1. I believe it’s in every video.

By pitch noise I mean, whenever Andrew pronounces any word starting or ending with a ‘s’

I am listening through headphones and the pitch noise is very audible.

Not sure you and “bebaty01” are taking the same thing… What you pointed out seems to be a sibilant noise caused by s, z or some others. I loaded his mp4 into my PC. You see some peeks in here. Both are caused by the word of “test”. Microphone may be a problem… I think those noises can be removed by using De-Esser.

But, what “bebaty01” said is “high pitch sound through out the lecture”… I suppose it can be checked with a Fourier Transform and see high-frequency range. Younger persons have a good sensitivity for high frequency noises like mosquito sound. So, it may be caused by air conditioning when Andrew took this video.

In any cases, a content creator needs to be careful for both. :slight_smile: