Standardization for normalization

in the assignment, we are using the mean of zero and the std of 1, which mean are we going to use on the standardized data, are we computing it with the data or just use 1 and 0, and the output of the first task is not as the one got in the assignment, and the function used for testing is not defined, #make_standard_normal_test(), are we supposed to define that function? if so, why is there an instruction on the cell saying not to edit? sorry this is my first time to work with DeepLearning of Andrew, I don’t know how to go with his assignements but I have worked with other modes of assignements on Coursera and this new to me, could you guide me please thanks in advance.

Hello, and welcome to the community.
I’m not a mentor for this course, but I can help with some points.
You don’t need to define the tests; this has already been done as a way to assess your progress in developing the task. They provide feedback as you make progress. Run a test and execute the cell to see what it returns.

There are some cells that serve as the basis for the task, like the instructions, and you need to edit the parts that are between the comments:


or something like


In other words, there’s already a framework provided for you to build your solution upon.

I’ve taken many courses on Coursera myself, and I believe the structure of activities at DeepLearning.AI is one of the best, not to mention the helpful community.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

You just need to edit the code between “START CODE HERE” and “END CODE HERE”. The rest has been prepared for you. Hope it helps.

does that mean, i only need to fill in the codes and then submit?

Certainly, make sure to run all the notebook cells before sending, and pay attention to the test cell outputs.

The notebook contains both the instructions and the code.

Start at the top of the notebook, read the instructions as you go, and run all of the cells that contain code.

You can run a cell by pressing shift-<Enter>.

Add your code only where you’re instructed to.

Once you complete the notebook and get all of the expected results, then use the Submit button at the top of the notebook to have your work graded.

The problems am facing are:

  1. the mean of a normal distribution is always 0 and the std is always 1. Yet there’s a formula that you give to compute the mean and the standard deviation and it all makes sense to remove skews on the features and then compute the mean and std of the unskewed data, which (mean and std) should I use?
  2. The test cell you give is noted above (do not edit this cell) and yet it is variable which not defined in the function. It’s not a local variable of the function, if you run ( it says, variable not defined!) then if the cell is not to be edited. Why is there such a paradox.
    Please guide me well, I really like the course and I would like to continue until I finish it and not stop on the way!

I can’t answer your question 1), since I have not seen the materials for this course.

For question 2), be sure you run all of the cells starting from the top of the notebook every time you open it. That is how the packages and resources are initialized.