Step by step guide to becoming a Data Scientist in 2023

AI and Data Science Roadmap

I have noticed a consistent demand from our dear learners for some sort of roadmap that can assist them in their learning journey. In response to this, i recognize the importance of providing a clear and comprehensive guide to aid learners in achieving their educational goals.

The Learning Sea

Navigating the path of learning can often be a daunting task, especially in today’s fast-paced world where information is abundant and diverse. With so many options available, it’s understandable that learners seek a structured approach to their learning process. I think that a roadmap serves as a valuable tool, offering a step-by-step plan that outlines the key milestones and resources needed to progress efficiently.

Keep going

Furthermore, a roadmap serves as a source of accountability. As learners check off milestones and achievements, they experience a sense of accomplishment that propels them forward. In moments of uncertainty, the roadmap acts as a guiding light, reminding learners of their purpose and encouraging them to persevere.

A testimony

At the beginning of my learning journey I felt very lost, and I didn’t know how to organize my studies in order to feel some progress in my learning, that’s when I found a roadmap platform. Today they released a roadmap dedicated to data science and strongly recommending DeepLearning.AI

Keep in mind that it is a tool just like the other ones, so, do not take this platform as a dogma in your learning, instead keep yourself updated and exploring new horizons

Hope this roadmap helps you in your jorney

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Thanks you for putting it together. I find it really helpful as it provide the holistic picture. As you noticed, it varies for different people so for me, the roadmap you provided is quite math heavy at the beginning that might be daunting to get started. Anyway, I bookmarked it and use it as reference, thanks again

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I totally agreed with you in that matter. I would focus just in the statistics subject at beginning. Cause calculus and linear algebra it is more applicable when you get start learning Neural network and Deep learning models.

I think that the roadmap it is a broad view of the data science career.

Anyway. Thanks for your collaboration on this discussion.

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