Stuck on Course 2 Week 2 - Model was not compiled

I’m working the breast cancer prediction assignment and am stuck. The notebook hangs when I try to run for one epoch. I get an error that seems to be related to the model, not my code.

All test prior to this are passed.

Any suggestions?



Hi ,

I ran that assignment myself and it had no issues, so I am wondering if you left any cells upword without running. Since it says also that training config not available I would have a look at the model definition and compilation cells especially.

Thanks for confirming, and the issue was mine.

Stupid mistake, losses.append(losses) instead of losses.append(loss_value). It really, really hated running that and would lock me out for hours.

I believe the warning was because I’m running a newer version of TF than used in your environment but it wasn’t the cause of the problem…


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