Where are the answers to C1W1 Assignment 2

Where can I find the answers to the C1W1 Assignment about Home price prediction.
For a first time user, I find it bewildering trying to troubleshoot.
I submitted the assignement that worked but got 0/100 - but I don’t know how to change Meta code.
I also have restarted from scratch a number of times but always get a error that the model is not defined …
I don’t care about the certificate, but there has to be a better way to learn than the current setup with Coursea…Can any one recommend a better course elsewhere?

Here are links to:

  1. Check notebook metadata and
  2. Refresh the workspace.
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you can always experiment with the code by copying it over to google colab, as opposed to submitting it each time.

What exactly is the error that you are getting?

  • it could be that you have not defined your sequential model properly or that you have not passed in the loss and optimizer functions.

The code itself if really a derivative of the ungraded lab work earlier in week 1. it’s usually some very small detail that is missing

thanks for the response…I got it working
I need to become more familar with the colab interface…but its not easy for beginners

Balaji, Thank you for the response and your suggestions. I also found many other examples about meta data, how to reload the original file type and so forth …
thanks, again

I don’t know why I am getting the error in compiling
‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘compile’
can anyone suggest smth?

It sounds like you have not completed all the required code to solve the problem. Search the notebook for “compile” and see what you find. In one of the instances, you must have not correctly initialized the model variable that is being compiled. Note that they use “None” as a placeholder for code you need to fill in. Another thing to try would be:

Kernel -> Restart and Clear Output
Cell -> Run All

Then scan through all the output and look for an error message like the one that the grader is showing.

I’m not a TF mentor, so I’ve never done this particular assignment. Just reasoning from general principles here, since I’m not sure anyone else is listening to this old thread on which you’ve attached your question.

Hello @Charu_Pahwa ,

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As @paulinpaloalto Sir has said, kindly do that. That might be a high possibility.

Btw there arises certain cases where despite code is correct, it gives NoneType error.For such cases, see the following links.

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