StyleGen Notebook does not run on Colab

Google Colab stopped supporting tensorflow 1 which means the notebook no longer runs on colab.

Any alternatives on how I can make it run and give it a look?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Younes_Djemmal ,

Kindly look into this thread. There is a temporary solution. We are looking into this issue and will try to solve this shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thank you my friend, it worked! :smiley:

Hi, where to put my new query?
Time being, the second line in following code is giving syntax error:
class LogisticRegression(nn.Module):
def init (self,in):

@Sampada_Tavse, thanks for moving this question to a separate post since it seems like a separate issue than is covered by this post.

Thanks, but please direct me how to put my query and where?