Submit of assignement button not finded

I didn’t find the submit button in the programming exercice lab

The first thing to check is that you have not renamed the assignment notebook and opened it only by clicking “Work in Browser” from the “Programming Assignment” page. If that’s not true, then that is the problem. You need to use the “standard” name of the assignment in order to submit.

If you have the standard name, then try “Kernel → Restart and Clear Output”. If that doesn’t work, then try closing the notebook and clicking “Work in Browser” again.

If none of that works, please let us know.

Tried all of the above, still don’t see any way to submit in the browser Jupyter notebook.

Hi. I also cannot find the “submit” button. Have tried all the suggestions here.

PS. The submit button should appear on the “programming assignment page”, right?

No, it’s not on the “Programming Assignment” page: it’s in the notebook. So try clicking “Work in Browser” from the “Programming Assignment” page to start the notebook. Then within the notebook, you should see the “Submit Assignment” button in the upper right corner of the browser tab as highlighted in this screenshot:

Thanks Paul for the swift reply.

I can’t find the submit button on any of assignments in Course 4.


Have you been through the various remedies for this listed on the FAQ Thread? Note that if you’ve just started the course and haven’t done any work on the assignments yet, then you don’t need to download all the notebooks first. I’ve also heard from other students who did the “unenroll” and “re-enroll” method that they did not lose any of their completed work.

Works now.

Had to ask the coursera help center to unroll me and then re-enroll mee back to the course.

Thanks for the help.


Zeeshan, I can’t find where to make this request?

I have read and tried everything they mention except being re-enrolled in the course.

Hi Juan,

you find it under the FAQs. But here is the link:

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Buenas, no logro enviar mis tareas.
Segui los pasos que mencionan y el boton no aparece.

Es posible adjuntar los archivos manualmente en el apartado de mis envios ?

Voy a continuar con la semana 2, pero necesito resolver este punto.

Ya realice la consulta en coursera, me mandaron algunas alternativas pero no logro resolver.

Solicite la baja y alta al curso y ahora si puedo enviar mis tares :slight_smile: