Suggestion: Add TFX pipeline graphic to C3_W4_Lab_2_TFX_Evaluator lab

I suggest you add a graphic like the one below to the lab C3_W4_Lab_2_TFX_Evaluator.

The image above is from the C3_W1_Lab_2_TFX_Tuner_and_Trainer lab.

Since in the C3_W4_Lab_2_TFX_Evaluator lab, we are working through the most complete TFX pipeline thus far, I think it would be helpful to visually see how all the components relate to each other at the top of the notebook.

Since we aren’t directly using the tuner in the Evaluator lab, perhaps an image like the slide at 3:50 in the Course 2 Transform lecture would be a better fit.

Just an idea!


Thank you for the suggestion! Having visuals does indeed show how everything connects more clearly. We’ll definitely consider this on the next update. Thanks again!