The slides of "Batch Norm at Test Time" are missing in the downloadable week 3 pdf

As the title.


Hi Mark_Chen,

Thanks for reporting this!

“Batch Norm at Test Time” slides are still missing in the downloadable week 3 pdf :upside_down_face:

Hi Rodolfo_Novarini,

I have made a github issue on this. I hope the slides will be included soon.

Hi @Rodolfo_Novarini and others who may read this thread,

I have been informed that slides are not regularly updated. The landing page with the lecture notes gives the following notice:

Note: These slides haven’t been maintained, and that you might find missing topics and incorrect information in them, as opposed to lecture videos, where we try to update the misinformation or errors as soon as we are aware of them. We encourage that you make your own notes.

A fast way to make your own slides is to make screen shots of slides you find missing in the notes. Happy learning!

Here are the two missing slides