Trouble Running JavaScript in Jupyter Notebook?

For those encountering difficulties running the JavaScript code in their Jupyter notebooks, you can make things easier by installing deno. Follow the instructions provided in this link: Deno 1.37: Modern JavaScript in Jupyter Notebooks

Happy coding!


When I try to run the code on a local machine after copying all the set-up files, I get the following error.

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘replace’)
at Object.[Jupyter.display] (file:///<path-to-utils.ts>/utils.ts:19:38)
at format (ext:cli/40_jupyter.js:211:31)
at Object.broadcastResult (ext:cli/40_jupyter.js:356:26)
at :2:45

Thanks for letting me know how to fix this

Double-check the path of your files. Ensure that you have utils.ts and the notebook in the same folder. The second notebook must be named L2_Build_a_full-stack_web_app , or you can adjust the name according to your notebook in the inject-frontend.mjs file

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