Code not working in a local Jupyter notebook

I tried to run the code of the second lesson in my local Jupyter environment but it didn’t work.


if this issue is related to other short course other than you created for fine-tuning models, then share what was the issue with a screenshot.

You probably missing some steps and until you don’t share brief explanation of what was the issue, other cannot guess.

Remember these short courses have private GitHub repo, so you downloading all the files is not that just click download all files, it might be you do not have some necessary files, but you need to share images if your issue is resolvable like in your other post, you needed to make changes in your utils files related to UserName


Could you share more error messages or perhaps an image, so others have a better idea of how to help you? I ran the project locally and initially encountered many problems, mostly related to the Deno environment. I’ve also rewritten the frontend using Next.js.

The problem is fixed after installing deno
I run the following in the command prompt (Windows OS)
deno jupyter --unstable --install